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Booking a celebrity was never so easy!

Break away from the conventional mode of booking a celebrity with our, swift and easy-to-use Mobile App.Booking a celebrity was never so easy before. Book the celebrity of your choice, in your budget, and in your city, in a matter of few swipes and clicks. Use this app to tap into the ever-growing list of celebrities from different categories.

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How it works

Discover Your Desired CelebrityEasily steer through the celebrities; take a sneak-peak of their profile & decide upon the best suited for your event.

Enquiry for a TAILOR-MADE QuoteNow, place a request to receive a “customized” quote of the celebrity that you like. The price quote will be sent to your mailbox at the earliest.

Book to ConfirmIf the received quote fits your bill, confirm the celebrity by paying an advance through our ultra-safe payment channel. Sit-back and unwind till you enjoy your Big Day!


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About Radiuz8

We offer premium service for bridging the gap between your business and the celebrities.

We at Radiuz 8 reckon that celebrities provide the best platforms for promoting a particular brand or business. We believe that presenting a prominent face is one of the fastest and easiest ways for companies to create brand associations in the minds of consumers.

Here, you will find celebrities from all the fields, starting from bollywood actor/ actresses to the famous sports personalities!

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